Lost Vegas

When you want to enjoy a few spins on a video slot, there aren’t many better choices than Lost Vegas. You see, it’s such a treat to play Lost Vegas when you can enjoy all the action of its 12 symbols, free spins, 243 paylines, as well as special joker symbols and beautifully designed reels.

Lost Vegas Overview
Category: Monsters, Horror
Reels: 5
Lines: 243
RTP:95 – 96%
Minimum bet: 0.3 £
Software: Microgaming
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Lost Vegas Overview

This Microgaming title represents one of their video slots.The Horror related design is made quite phenomenal and it’s easy to see why this 5-reeler could be interesting for some punters. All of this could be a reason enoguh to try Lost Vegas and see if it suits you . The average return to player is from 95% to 96% . There’s a Lost Vegas app, too – or, more precisely, the ComeOn app. Using the mobile app Lost Vegas can be played literally everywhere.


This Horror themed slot was released in 2016 and it represents a fun and profitable Microgaming slot. The good thing about any game produced by Microgaming is that they strive to perfect them so you could have the best 243 paylines slot possible.

Guidelines and Rules

There are some rules for playing Lost Vegas:

  • Players need to hit at least 2 of a kind symbols along one of Lost Vegas’s 243 paylines in order to win
  • The slot pays left to right, although Scatter pays any
  • Scatter wins do not require lining up symbols
  • Wilds serve as substitutes for all 12 symbols except scatter
  • It’s possible to win only once per line – the top win is paid
  • Activating free spins means getting of them
  • The max wins or wins acquired during autoplay cannot be gambled in the feature
  • Wager at least £0.3 to play Lost Vegas
  • In case of malfunction, all Lost Vegas pays and plays can be proclaimed null.

How to Play Online Lost Vegas

You’re looking to play Microgaming slots online, and you’ve chosen this video title that could potentially make your wallet burst. It has 243 paylines that pay winners left to right if you manage to get 2 same tiles on a line. It falls into the category of slots which pay frequently. There are some other aspects you should know about, and that’s what this article is for.

With so many offers out there to play Lost Vegas at perhaps it can all get to be too much. ComeOn could make it simple and easy for you, offering a 100% bonus that tops up your balance in the way of maximum £25 when you place your preferred deposit amount and after you put in MAXCASINO in the required field on ComeOn.

How about pocketing £97000? If you would like that, play this 5-reeler in the ComeOn real play mode. The ComeOn website is the way to this winner, and you can even play it on the go.

This video slot has a demo version if you’re not yet ready for real play, and you can even spin the 5 reels on your mobile. The place for free play is ComeOn site.

As soon as you enter this Microgaming video slot, you’ll notice a button titled Spin, which ignites the reels. But before spinning, Lost Vegas needs you to set your wager size using the bet and the coin size button. Now, 5 identical symbols mean a big win, so may the Lost Vegas’s lucky charm be with you.

Getting 5 identical symbols is virtually impossible without all 243 paylines being active. Conveniently enough, Lost Vegas’s no. of active paylines is compulsory – all 243 must be played on. Apart from this, Microgaming also included a Turbo button in this 5-reel game.

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Tips for Playing Online Slots:

  • Before starting, check how many bet lines are active.

This Microgaming title has 5 reels that bring prizes on 243 paylines. You can’t decrease the number of lines – Microgaming set them up as fixed. Every experienced player finds that helpful, since this increases the likelyhood of winning.

The winnings are paid from left to right in this genuine Microgaming release, enabling you to get prizes pretty often, even though you may think the opposite – that Lost Vegas pays bad just because it has 243 paylines. Well, the truth is that this video title turns out to be quite generous.

  • The bet size is one of the most important settings.

The setting called the coin size can be modified in the game of Lost Vegas. This is done in the 5-reel slot very easily, by using the button designed for this purpose. There are quite a number of wagering options, from the lowest £0.01, to £0.1.

If the paylines are fixed to max 243 by default, what ComeOn players need to do is set the coin value to get the Lost Vegas jackpot prize of 375x your stake on every line.

  • Decided on your Lost Vegas coin value? Then take a look at the line bet options.

In case of Lost Vegas, there’s no such choice – you’re stuck with coins per line.

As described above, this 5-reeler has a fixed number of 243 paylines. This enhances your winning opportunities, but Microgaming may decide to include adjustable paylines in Lost Vegas’s newer version.

Manual bet maximization in Lost Vegas is a thing of the past – Microgaming smartly included a bet max button into this Horror-themed game’s dashboard. ComeOn punters can enjoy bet size variety, too: Lost Vegas involves a useful bet value amplifier.

  • If you’re ready to go, press Spin and watch the 243 paylines at work.

When you’ve set all the parameters and hit the Spin image, you can call yourself a Lost Vegas player. An even better option is to start automatic play. This will save you some clicks, up to 100 clicks to be exact.

  • Anything else, you wonder? Well, let’s see if Microgaming gave us full screen and volume options.

You could say it’s a bit embarrasing that Microgaming didn’t include the full screen mode. Well, they may add it in the next version.

As for the volume button, you can mute Lost Vegas with a single click, and calmly watch its 243 paylines work in your favour.

Set the volume as you like using the volume option available in Lost Vegas, which lets you watch its 5 reels spinning, accompanied by adequately adjusted sounds.

Slot Game Symbols

The 12 symbols in this 243 paylines game include:

  • The one to go for is the Protagonist and Elvis Zombie
  • The Brunette and Zombie Photographer
  • The Dude with Gun and Nurse Zombie
  • The Blonde Chick and Diva Zombie
  • The Guy with Golf Clubs and Zombie Couple
  • And there’s the 10.

But that’s not all. The 5 reels also carry some bonus tiles:

  • A scatter symbol that pays any
  • A substituting Lost Vegas Logo symbol
  • the Lost Vegas Logo wild symbol that comes stacked
  • the Scatter symbol that triggers a round of free spins

If you are looking for the slot’s huge award, then the Protagonist and Elvis Zombie tile is the one that you need to focus on. With it come the best prizes and it can pay out up to 375-fold line wager, but just remember to spin on all the 243 bet lines and wager the maximum £ on each one to get the highest possible payout.

Remember this symbol because it is the highest paying one:

Players should also keep in mind the Brunette and Zombie Photographer symbol as it may bring 300x your stake starting from the minimal £ per line. Of course, the max bet of £ per line opens the window of Lost Vegas opportunities, such as £ if 5 of these symbols appear on the reels. This Horror-themed title offers more winning chances with the Dude with Gun and Nurse Zombie symbol. The significant 225x line bet win is possible with only £ bet per line. For sure,if you place £ the max bet and see 5 of the Dude with Gun and Nurse Zombie symbols on an active line, the awesome £ prize may enlarge your ComeOn balance.

Other symbols include the Blonde Chick and Diva Zombie and the Guy with Golf Clubs and Zombie Couple, whose line bet multipliers reach 187.5x and 150x, respectively. There’s also the 10, whose 5 appearances on one of Lost Vegas’s active paylines pay 60.

Lost Vegas has many ways to make sure you get a winner, and the Lost Vegas Logo wild is one of them. If you’re a symbol short of a win, Lost Vegas Logo will give it to you. It also has the power to multiply your bet per line by 450.

Another convenient symbol, apart from the Lost Vegas Logo, is the Lost Vegas’s scatter symbol. This one pays on any position and delivers a 2250x bet multiplier.

If you opt for this vivid and engaging slot, expect to see the Scatter icon and enjoy a round on the house.


What you have before you is a so-called video slot with 243 paylines going over 5 reels.

Generally, paylines serve to determine winnings, and Lost Vegas is no exception.

In Lost Vegas, you can’t choose paylines, they’re fixed at 243 of them. Consequently, the Monsters styled game has a £0.3 the minimum cash bet – which is a smidgen above the average in ComeOn games.

This is quite an efficient way to handle this 5-reeler’s bets.

It’s possible to set coin value, too because there is a special button for that.

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Details on Paylines

  • Lost Vegas’s active bet lines pay left to right.
  • The smallest number of matching Lost Vegas symbols for a prize is 2. They need to appear along one of the 243 lines.
  • The wild symbol replaces all regular tiles among the 12 symbols to form additional winners.
  • There’s also the Lost Vegas Logo symbol with which more than one payline is covered.
  • The slot’s scatter symbol pays from any position.
  • The highest line win pays only. If you hit two wins, Lost Vegas’s paylines will register only the higher of the two.
  • You have to play this 5-reeler on fixed paylines, all 243 of them. This means all winnings are yours to collect.

The Reels

Good old downward moving reels is what you’ll find in this Horror slot. So you won’t have to think where the 5 reels are going, just focus on the 375x stake line multiplier.

So, Lost Vegas has 5 reels, 243 paylines and 12 symbols all working together to earn you cash. Yet, not all of the symbols are just run-of-the-mill, Microgaming incorporated a wild and a scatter symbol. Moreover, the 12 figures also include a stacked wild,

Lost Vegas Jackpot

This Horror-themed slot does not have the ever popular online slot jackpots. The omission of Lost Vegas jackpot doesn’t mean Lost Vegas will let you miss out on a great win. The tile that pays the most is the Protagonist and Elvis Zombie. And it awards the maximum 375x line multiplier which will make your ComeOn balance skyrocket. Just bet the maximum £45 and there’ll be no need to look for jackpots because Lost Vegas can easily increase your account total by £97000.

Wouldn’t it be Great if Lost Vegas had a Progressive Jackpot?

Although there’s no progressive jackpot in Lost Vegas, this doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. Microgaming gave you an opportunity to win big with the 375x line bet multiplier. And who knows, maybe Lost Vegas will get the opportunity to join a casino’s progressive jackpot pool.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

Players who enjoy video slots should try Lost Vegas. There is an exciting range of animations and associated sounds. Relying on its expertise in video slots, Microgaming made this game highly likeable. Its 5 reels contain some great features, while its 243 lines display animations for every win.

Is this Game in 3D?

Sadly, no. Microgaming opted for a simpler approach. However, Lost Vegas will land you prizes time and again, making this game one of your favourites.

ComeOn Download

One of the online casinos that offers Microgaming slots, such as Lost Vegas is the hugely popular ComeOn, which offers a no-download gaming experience. Therefore, winning £97000 may come instantly after opening ComeOn’s flash site, requiring no Lost Vegas download. The site also offers fun play, so Microgaming games can be tested either on computer, or on mobile. And once Lost Vegas wins your heart, simply transfer to ComeOn cash play.

Buttons and Controls

This is how you are going to navigate your way through this Microgaming title.

Pressing Spin Starts the Game

To enjoy in the view of Lost Vegas’s 5 spinning reels and its prizes that go up to £97000, you need to press a simple button that starts the reels. Although it’s known by many names, this video slot picked to call this much used button Spin. Keep pressing it to keep spinning Lost Vegas, and perhaps win some good bankroll boosters.There are other useful buttons on the Lost Vegas screen to make play easier. They include:

  • A Turbo button – more information is provided in a later section
  • You to pick out the highest bet
  • A button that gives more details on Lost Vegas
  • You can set the coin
  • Mute the game so you can play without the sound
  • Increase or decrease the game’s sound

Turbo Boost

Engaging the Turbo setting will boost the speed of slot’s reels, along with its free spins making them go faster than normal.

If you want to play faster, use the Lost Vegas Turbo mode. To disengage it, click Spin again.

The Info Icon

By opening the info icon in this Microgaming slot, you can see the basic facts and rules for playing the game. Make sure that you take some time to read these, as they will prove useful to you so you can get the best from the slot.


In general, the function of the autoplay setting is to make the reels spin automatically for a preset number of times. As a result, the Spin need not be clicked each time we wish to spin the reels; video slots players need to reset autoplay when they are finished spinning or a feature is won. In this Microgaming release, this setting feature is really useful, as all you need to do is set Autoplay and this will get its 5 reels spinning, making the Microgaming game’s 12 symbols work for you. Lost Vegas’s autoplay setting is reset just by clicking on it.

The great thing about using Autoplay instead of Spin is that Autoplay lets you play this video slot without having to click Spin every single time.

Minimum Bet Amount

If you are planning to open an account at ComeOn and utilize the Voucher Code you received as a welcoming gift, first make sure that you know all the details on the required minimum bet in order to play this modern slot.

Sadly, Lost Vegas was denied a Bet One button that would help you set the minimum betting value in one click. Admittedly, this can be a bit of a hassle if you want to get to playing this Horror -styled slot as soon as possible, but it will just take you some more clicks to set the cash the minimum to £.

Microgaming was kind enough to enable the toggle which sets the coin value to the minimum – £0.01. This is a great thing if you are a bit shy with your bets: on 243 lines this puts the total cash bet at £0.3.

The paylines’ number is fixed, but all the Lost Vegas’s special rewards may be activated if all 243 lines are active. On the other hand, Microgaming ensured that the minimum wager of £0.3 gives you a chance to enjoy this innovative game and activate its features.

The Top Wager

With this modern video slot game you can have your bet on the max with the yes command. One simple click will assure that you get the most of Lost Vegas. When all 243 lines are in the play, the chances for win are higher, and the win will be a staggering £97000 providing that the coin value is at the £0.1 the maximum, number of coins at the coins per line the maximum so that your total bet in coins is 15, or £45.

Winning Odds with Lost Vegas RTP

This 5-reeler’s rate of payount, which is recorded during a certain period of playing, is called the RTP, or Return to Player. It is a well known fact that Microgaming titles commonly have an RTP which can span from 93% to 96%. This simply means that for every £100 you spend, the average yield you will be reeling in will be £96, and not that you’ll be winning in 96% of the spins.

It’s such a pity Microgaming didn’t install more generosity into Lost Vegas RTP, as with a return to player rate of 96%, this otherwise decent game seems wasted.

Bonus Symbols

Similarly to so many video slots, Lost Vegas boasts both wild and scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbol

What a great job Microgaming has done with this 243-payline slot as it has the scatter symbol! What does all this mean? Getting the scatter symbol will multiply the wager 2250 times, tops. If you ever wished to have a Horror-themed slot which has a free-spins winning scatter, then your dreams will be fulfilled with Lost Vegas as it activates free spins, too.

This is Lost Vegas Scatter:

Lost Vegas’s Wild Symbol

When playing this video slot, you should really watch out for the the Lost Vegas Logo wild symbol because it could come in handy. This wild will function as a replacement for any symbol that’s missing in order to complete 5 matching symbols. Thusly, if you need one more, e.g. Dude with Gun and Nurse Zombie to have a matching set and you get the wild tile, you will be rewarded the 225x of the bet you placed for that line.

This above is Lost Vegas’s substitute symbol.

All about Expanding Wilds in Lost Vegas

The expanding wild is not featured in this trendy video slot. But, so what? Lost Vegas offers so many different ways to boost your odds and your account.

Are Wilds Stacked in Lost Vegas?

A line bet multiplier of 450x is one of the highest wins in 5-reeler, and it is awarded by the stacked wild symbols. The Lost Vegas Logo image takes up several tiles, which means that this ComeOn title is bound to pay out a lot more!

Overlay Wild

While there’s no overlay wild on those 5 reels, you could benefit from Lost Vegas’s other perks. Like, £97000 that you could win in any spin.

Will I Need the Lost Vegas Paytable and What For?

If you’re interested in all the Lost Vegas payout details, turn to its paytable, which Microgaming conveniently made easily available through the paytable button located on the dashboard. What you’ll see there are 12 symbols and their pays explained. Lost Vegas symbols’ prizes are paid as line bet multipliers. 5 symbols lined up pay top prizes, but 2 of them will do to win something, too.

The Protagonist and Elvis Zombie is the highest rewarding standard symbol. It can make your winning line bet even 375x higher. Also, you should be happy if you line up the Brunette and Zombie Photographer symbols, because it will pay just a little less than the top symbol – 300x of your line wager. But if you fail to obtain these, fear not, there’s still a chance to make your play worth the time. With its smaller wins, Dude with Gun and Nurse Zombie symbols still pays really well, bringing a 225x line bet multiplier for 5 of a kind symbols. With 5 Blonde Chick and Diva Zombie symbols on the same line, you get the 187.5x line wager multiplier. If you get the Guy with Golf Clubs and Zombie Couple symbols your line bet will be multiplied 150 times. Even the 10, which has the lowest prizes out of the 12 symbols, offers 60x line bet as its top payout, and when the ComeOn balance goes low, such a winning on Lost Vegas may be a real game changer.

This works in this manner – have a bet per line of £. If you hit the 5 10 in one line, you’ll win £. The other symbols work the same way. For example, the Brunette and Zombie Photographer wins £ when 5 of them are in a winning line. Also, the Protagonist and Elvis Zombie gives you £ in winnings when you hit 5 of these symbols in the same line.

Lost Vegas and ComeOn Chips

The size of your Lost Vegas win will be determined by the size of your credit. We’re going to tell you how to set it up.

  • Setting the bet level
  • Opting for the coin value

As for Lost Vegas’s payouts, there are 243 lines and they are fixed. Microgaming has thereby disabled betting choices like 241 lines or any other customized option.

If you enjoy fiddling with settings, Lost Vegas lets you select the bet level and thus determine your credit size. This Horror game offers the bet level options based on and up to coins per each one of its 243 lines. Indeed, picking and maximal 243 lines makes your bet per spin even 15 coins.

How Much Money do Coins Carry?

Knowing how much you will stand to win is very important, that’s why Microgaming enabled you to decide what value your coins will have in this video slot.

ComeOn coins are worth from £0.01 to £0.1 in cash. You can assign each coin with a value from £0.01 to £0.1. To set the value you prefer, just click on the plus and minus buttons. A few simple calculations involving win lines and coin amount tell us that the overall Lost Vegas bet spans from £0.3 to £45.

Did Microgaming Give Lost Vegas a Multiplier?

It is quite common in Microgaming slots to win with the help of special multipliers. It may be the case that ComeOn punters will feel let down that this 5-reeler has no multiplier, although they may brighten up when they discover the Blackout and Zombie Fist of Cash feature.

Special Features, Extra Bonuses and Free Games

Can I Look Forward to Some Extras in Lost Vegas?

Did Microgaming Provide Bonus Features for Lost Vegas?

It is odd that Microgaming has not included a bonus into this 243-payline slot. The free spins it offers could add to the Lost Vegas’s appeal for players.

Double Up Game

With 243 paylines that can bring you cash, Lost Vegas can be pretty good to your account, except that Microgaming didn’t let it give you the double or nothing option. So you coul say this 5-reels isn’t for hard-core gamblers.

What are Lost Vegas Free Spins?

There are 2 variations of free spins which are easy to get confused by. Microgaming offers free spins within their games, for example Lost Vegas free spins. while casinos offer a different version, a sign up bonus, like ComeOn free spins. Don’t get them confused – because video slot games such as Lost Vegas provide special features including free spins, with casinos giving free spins as an extra bonus. Also, don’t get confused between playing video games in free play trial mode, and playing the free spins. ComeOn doesn’t give you cash prizes in free mode, but winning a video slot’s free spins can actually help you win big.

The free spins available during playing of Lost Vegas are a great feature. You can benefit from Microgaming’s inclusion of the free spins by using them to potentially reap the benefits.

Unlike many other Microgaming slots, this 5-reel title features only , which may come as a disappointment for many ComeOn punters. Still, winning a decent sum on Lost Vegas’s free spins is far from impossible.

Game Interface Design

This video slot is bound to fulfill ComeOn players’ expectations with its quality visuals. Lost Vegas is designed to impress, but Microgaming has also included various playing options in this Monsters-themed slot with which you can:

  • take a preview of the paytable
  • set the size of your stake
  • determine how much cash a coin will carry
  • choose how many coins you’ll wager
  • start the automatic reel-spin
  • bet the maximum stake
  • turn the volume up or down
  • mute the sound
  • unleash the Turbo mode
  • get all necessary information on Lost Vegas

Play Lost Vegas for Real Money

Boasting vivid graphics and pretty frequent wins, Lost Vegas is such a great title to play.

How Can I Go About Winning Money in Lost Vegas?

Playing Lost Vegas for money is nice, but playing for real money is better. ComeOn offers a chance to win big if you open an account – as much as £97000. This is how you can do it:

  • Pay a visit to the ComeOn website
  • Press the sign up button
  • Provide the info required by ComeOn
  • Deposit £10 or more
  • Get 20 free spins and a ComeOn welcome bonus of 100% up to £25
Ready to play Lost Vegas with real money? Click here to get a ComeOn bonus! 

ComeOn Withdrawal Options

When you win money on this Microgaming title, it’ll end up in your ComeOn bankroll immediately. Withdrawing it is easy – just use Skrill to make the transaction easily. Each method features a limit, so ask ComeOn’s customer support about these.

In order to benefit from the 100% welcome bonus necessitates playthrough obligations of 70 x the bonus amount. From then on, you can cash out your Microgaming slot’s winnings.You’ll need to uphold the T&Cs from ComeOn, of course, which are available on their site, not in the Lost Vegas info, which is separate.

Lost Vegas Fun Mode

Play Lost Vegas online for free before plunging in for the £97000 reward. This demo version can be played on mobile.

Lost Vegas has a great potential such as special bonus features andfrequent prizes. Although, if you’re a bit gun-shy, you can play Lost Vegas online for free, even without the ComeOn account and check out the graphics.

While playing Lost Vegas free, think about all the prizes you could win for real. To improve your Microgaming experience, then, simply go on to ComeOn’s real money mode, and deposit the minimum £10. It’s not much, but considering that Lost Vegas’s lowest bet amounts to £, it’ll take a while to spend it. In addition to the £10, you’ll have a generous welcome bonus of 100% to top up your deposit when you use ComeOn’s special Voucher Code – MAXCASINO – avaialble for online and mobile app players.

ComeOn No Deposit Bonus for Playing Lost Vegas Online

Even though there are currently no free chips offers and no ComeOn no deposit bonus, the fans of Microgaming slots can benefit from its £ 25 deposit bonus. Of course, expect us to update this Lost Vegas review should a no deposit bonus be added to ComeOn’s promotional offers.

Lost Vegas App

Mobile wagering is one of the top offers in ComeOn’s gambling business. Their Lost Vegas app is free and features Lost Vegas, of course. And in addition to this Horror-themed title’s recognizable graphics, it also offers some great payouts, including the 375x line bet, which is this exciting slot’s main prize.

Prepare to play Lost Vegas on the go if you own an iOS device – ComeOn app is easily downloadable from iTunes or ComeOn site, offering Lost Vegas and numerous other Microgaming games.

ComeOn has an Android optimized app for playing this Horror themed title. You can download it from the Google Play store and watch the 12 regular symbols spin on your Android mobile device.

Sometimes, Microsoft Lumia owners can’t access an app, but ComeOn optimized its app for Windows. So you can play this 243 paylines slot, along other Microgaming titles on your phone.

ComeOn made a free app for mobile users, which means if you want to play this 243 paylines slot you need to make sure you’ve got the legit ComeOn app.

Play Lost Vegas Mobile with a ComeOn Bonus

If you hoped to receive a bonus for playing Lost Vegas mobile, ComeOn will disappoint you. There’s no mobile bonus. But this contemporary slot game could make you some serious cash with the 375x line bet multiplier.

Top Payouts

Looking for more info on the big prizes for Lost Vegas? The paytable will tell all when you press the paytable button. This 5 reel game has a Protagonist and Elvis Zombie icon which can see you win up to 375x your line bet when you hit the 5 symbols in the game. Keep a look out for this for Lost Vegas’s big payout possibilities.

Lost Vegas Cheats

Your winning odds on this video slot depends on two similar factors – the Lost Vegas RTP and the house edge. RTP is Lost Vegas’s payouts/wagers ratio calculated over a longer period of 5 reels spinning and those 243 lines paying, while house edge is what ComeOn will make on average.

Just keep in mind one thing – what you need to do whenever you play a slot is to keep the maximum number of lines activated in order to boost your winning odds. Works for Lost Vegas and other Microgaming titles, too.

When you take into consideration that Microgaming set this compelling title to involve modest, if frequently paid payouts, you’ll realize that getting your hands on that £97000 top prize is no easy deal.

Mind you, the possibility of winning the £97000 big win through ComeOn might be seen as being just as much fun as playing the game itself!

Microgaming’s Essentials:

  • Established: 1994
  • Founder: Martin Moshal
  • Headquarters: MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1BL
  • Website: https://www.microgaming.co.uk/
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Desktop and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, iGaming Platforms
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